Wood USB 2.0 Flash Disk USB memory _Price starts from 10 orders

  • €3.99 EUR

Item Information

Item name:USB 2.0 Flash Disk

Connector: USB 2.0

Read speed: 10-30MB/s

Write speed: 4-25MB/s

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Vista, XP, Mac

Working temperature: 0℃—60

Storage temperature: -20℃—85℃

Print type: Laser

Note: Computer calculate of GB: 1G=1024MB Producer calculate: 1G=1000M

          Computer calculate of GB: 1MB=1024KB Producer calculate: 1MB=1000KB

Price Information

Laser print your logo is free. Screen print: Per color: total 6.69€ for proofing and 0.1€ per USB Disk for print(eg., 100 USB Disk-print fee 6.69€+0,1€ * 100=16,69€), Free shipping. (Some remote area maybe charge a little bit for the shipping.)

How to Order

  1. Contact us for free design your logo on the item.
  2. If you like the picture sample, place your order.
  3. We will produce your order as the sample picture that you agree with.

Shipping Information

Once send. Your package will arrive within 8-12 days.

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